AI-powered innovation sprint

Bring the transformative power of AI to your business and stakeholders in a unique, few week program. Leverage the latest AI tools to demonstrate how AI-powered innovation can get us to faster and better results.

About the service

Demonstrate the power of AI-powered innovation for your business.

From developing 100s of new concepts, to scalable validation methods, unlocked insights and validated opportunity spaces. Depending on your goals, we work with you to supercharge your innovation process and demonstrate the transformational power of AI.

Experience the exponential breadth and speed of AI – running month’s long project in just a few weeks.

“Groundbreaking agility and creativity. What a team, what a way to use AI”

Marcello Formisano | Head of Insights at Tata Consumer products

Key benefits from running an AI-powered innovation sprint

Experience what human + machine means. Have your team experience the use of creative AI first hand, through a highly structured on site / hybrid program, facilitated by Board of Innovation coaches & supercharged with our latest curated list of tools. 

This 3 month AI-powered innovation project lets you scale AI within your organization, creative a sustainable competitive edge.

Idea generation beyond human imagination

AI can help you turn your data into actionable insights quickly and easily. It can help you make sense of your data and turn it into useful information that can be used to inform decisions and drive innovation. AI can provide you with valuable insights that can help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Concept design on steroids

AI can help accelerate concept creation by quickly generating ideas and expanding on existing concepts. It can provide insights into potential opportunities and increase efficiency in the innovation process. By leveraging AI, organizations can quickly generate more creative and innovative solutions, making the innovation process faster and more efficient.

Your team, supercharged
by AI

The use of AI in the innovation process empowers your team with real-time quantitative market validation, enabling quick assessment of idea potential and informed decision-making. Leveraging AI accelerates measuring consumer interest and market trends, facilitating efficient and effective decision-making.

How we do it

The approach

Experience what human + machine means for innovation. Have your team experience the use of Creative AI first hand, through a highly structured sprint, run by BOI’s experts and supercharged by the latest Creative AI tools.

Week 1 - Scoping and strategy

Vision setting kick-off to align on scope, concepts to test, categories, opportunity areas, personas/ target audience. 


  • Aligned perspectives on the potential of creative AI for your business.
  • Trend research and strategy made applicable through AI.

Week 2 - Exponential insights, ideation & design

AI generated insights into what drives behavior to generate empathy. Push the envelope and generate more ideas faster using generative AI tools. Use generative AI to turn early concepts into realistic prototypes you can put in front of consumers.


  • Instant qualitative & quantitative input from
  • Clear strategic rationale behind prioritized opportunity spaces
  • 100s of ideas created based on consumer insight
  • Automated idea clustering & visualization
  • 50+ visual concepts
  • Overnight qualitative feedback on 50+ concepts

Week 3 - AI-iterated concepts & insights

Experiment with Generative AI tools to get to early concept validation. Prioritize validated concepts, and iterate & refine them based on synthetic validation. Develop visual design for new concepts.


  • High-fi concepts
  • Roadmap for concepts
  • Quant and qual test for concepts
What we do

Our work in AI

Incubating the future of data-driven nutrition with a major global retailer

Partnering with a major global retailer to conceive, incubate and build a new-to-world solution that brings together retail shopping data and the healthcare ecosystem to create meaningful behavior change among consumers.

Running an AI-powered Sprint with Tata Consumer Products to fuel food and beverage innovation.

AI-powered insurance service

Developing an improved customer experience by leveraging GenAI.

Working with Novartis to curate genAI tools allowing HCPs to personalize care and save time by expanding capabilities.

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