Innovation Engine

We help companies to leverage the full potential of AI for innovation by imagining their future engine for launching new products and services - and begin creating it today.

Build a new, AI-powered engine for always-on innovation

We work with companies to define what their future model for always-on innovation looks like – and define and build the tools, datasets and capabilities they need to make it happen

“This is mind-blowing”

Head of Incubator Strategy & Operations, Fortune 20 Company

The promise of building your Autonomous Innovation Engine

Autonomous Innovation Engines are systems of human-machine interaction that create an ‘always-on’ model for creating and launching new products, services and businesses – where humans play a role in designing, using and setting goals for the engine.

Imagine a future in which innovation isn’t just constant – but more autonomous. A future where your proprietary engine generates exponentially more concepts, autonomously tests them with (synthetic) consumers, and gets you more and better products to launch.

From the old

Applying human imagination based on insight (and disparate data)

A siloed, phased, slow process based on ‘projects’ and ‘stage gates’

Products are launched infrequently, and are often infrequently updated

Highly uncertain product success rate

To the new

Turbocharging human+AI imagination through trusted data

An organic, iterative and faster process that evolves on its own

More launches, of products that are more personalized

Pre-simulated product success and real-market validation

Key outcomes

We partner with companies to develop real-world functional engines that – starting with simple prototypes that act as co-pilots for human users and building towards autonomous systems that transform product innovation, manufacturing, and go-to-market.

A realistic blueprint for your AI-powered innovation engine

We work with clients to get realistic about what the right engine looks like for their industry, unique challenges and opportunities – with a realistic blueprint for what’s possible when, what data is needed, and the right category or segment to focus on first.

Proven value against business challenges

We make things real fast – collating real data and building prototypes that are fine-tuned by test-running them against real business challenges. We use that to prove out where the value lies, prioritize what features are most relevant and where automation should and shouldn’t play a role.

A real competitive advantage through innovation

After proving the value in a defined space, we help companies in scaling those capabilities. We build towards a true competitive advantage by developing a superior autonomous innovation engine that develops more products, faster and better than anyone else. 

Our work in developing
Autonomous Innovation Engines

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Experience the power of Human + Machine.

AI co-pilot for innovation - with leading global CPG company

We are partnering with a global CPG company to develop a ‘co-pilot’ for their innovation teams to develop new product concepts that are tailored to their brands. Within weeks we were able to prove value by delivering a prototype that achieved outcomes that matched their best-performing projects

The future of ‘fast fashion’ - building towards an AI-powered apparel engine

We are partnering with a major retailer to develop a new autonomous innovation engine for fashion apparel – leading to a scalable ‘proof of concept’ that could dramatically speed up time to market, increase launch success rates and improve the sustainability of the fashion industry

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