An ode to side hustles and entrepreneurs

Usually side hustles are hide hustles. We openly support and applaud them. 

One of our values is “Make it happen” and so entrepreneurship and impact runs in our veins. Many of our team members at Board of Innovation have an entrepreneurial DNA, and they’re not just consultants; they’re innovators with side hustles and passion projects of their own. We’re not just preaching the gospel of innovation; we’re living it outside the office too. We believe that is one of the factors contributing to our recognition as one of the Best Workplaces for Innovators by Fast Company.

Check out what some of the great entrepreneurs at Board of Innovation are doing with their side hustles. 

Aidan and Raiz Vertical Farms

Aidan runs a network of vertical farms in city centres with a hybrid energy and a decentralized funding model. Focusing on the principles of circularity and sustainability, Raiz vertical farms produce a wide variety of flavourful fresh herbs & veggies. In fact, last summer, we went there as part of our Summer Office activities.

Raiz vertical farms Board of Innovation
Luve Board of Innovation

Pierpaolo and Luve

Pierpaolo has started his own business and wine brand, Luve, that produces artisan wines from small producers in Italy, and sells them in single-serve, sustainable, and practical cans.

The idea for the business stemmed from discovering an unmet need that Pierpaolo had himself; on many occasions, such as festivals, concerts, and other events, it’s difficult (and sometimes impossible) to get hold of a single serving of wine, and one must often buy an entire bottle. At 250ml, the Luve cans are the equivalent of two glasses, the perfect quantity when a full bottle is too much. The brand also carries a sustainability focus as the cans are infinitely recyclable, lighter, less bulky, and easier to ship and stock than glass bottles.

From idea to in-market launch in 12 months. Board of Innovation was Luve’s first customer as we got to taste the wines at last year’s summer office.

Lennert and Let’s Snap

Lennert has launched a photobooth and mirrorbox venture, identifying a gap in the market for renting out photo booths and mirrorboxes for weddings and larger events in Belgium.

Let’s Snap has been used in country wide supermarket chains, at Tomorrowland festival, at corporate events for the likes of BMW, and at countless weddings.

Let's Snap Board of Innovation

Tiffany and True Green Global

TrueGreen Global uses proprietary smart technology to enable a thriving, safe, and profitable marketplace for cannabis producers, dispensaries, regulators, and an enhanced consumer experience.

Listen to Tiffany talk about the symbiosis between her side business and working at Board of Innovation.

Milan and Stinkfabriek

Milan is at the very beginning of his craft-cheese venture, Stinkfabriek. He is just now using Board of Innovation’s toolstack (tasting our own medicine) to ideate and develop a strong business model. 

Listen to Milan talk about starting up his own business!

Persy Booths Board of Innovation

Some of our previous colleagues have also launched successful ventures after having been part of the team. For example Zygi Krupskis, a business designer, who founded Persy Booths,  a businesses producing portable phone booths for offices. Board of Innovation was the first customer and the booths are still installed in our Antwerp office (and we love them)!

Another is Manu Vollens who founded Airborn, “a collective of impact-driven angel investors providing the capital, knowhow & network to accelerate planet-first ventures.”

We believe in learning by doing, and that our entrepreneurs bring a lot of experience and learnings from their side hustles into their work, and the projects they do with clients. Be it learning, first hand, what it’s like to innovate and create a physical product, or experiencing what it’s like being in our clients’ shoes, giving a better, and more holistic understanding of client pains and gains.

No matter the idea – small or big, full scale business or a passion project, we’re always excited to see our entrepreneurs practice their skills and we curiously follow and support their side-hustles.

Here’s to the entrepreneurs!

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