Market validation

De-risking decision making with rapid validation. Test and validate your ideas with real consumers and gain behavioral insights in context through experimentation to maximize  learning while minimizing risk.

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win in the market

Depending on who you ask, between 85% and 95% of new product launches fail – and at the same time every year companies worldwide spend significant sums of money to develop and launch new products, so how can you ensure that money is well spent?

Our experimentation and validation methods test prototype solutions digitally and in real world environments to observe, measure and iterate on ideas, products and services based on actual consumer behavior. Through validation, user testing and rapid experimentation, we create concepts shaped by actual consumer behavior (and not just hypothetical claims) to win in the market. And now with Generative AI tools we’re able to make these tests faster and iterate more quickly.

The project really pushed and tested boundaries with new agile methodologies, and in a short period of time can give us real in-market test results. It delivered fantastic learning & results.

Aman Bhasin | Vice President - Nestlé Global Category Leader

Key challenges we tackle

How do we design solutions to get adopted?

To design solutions that get adopted and drive behavior change, it is critical to identify opportunities that make meaningful differences for consumers

By using modern digital ethnography tools, meeting consumers where they are and conducting research in the real-world, we gain behavioral insights in context, better understand consumer jobs to be done, and validate hypotheses. That’s how we make strategy actionable – these intervention moments where a new product, service or business can really make the difference.

This helps us get smarter about our customers and ensure that we deliver on what really matters to them.

How do we make evidence-based decisions, faster?

With a lean and iterative approach, we quickly build prototypes to test the most critical assumptions at every step of the consumer funnel.
We match the fidelity of the prototypes to where we are in the development process, so we can test more ideas early in the process less expensively… and progressively increase the fidelity of the experiments (and the confidence you gain) as we progress further in the process.

With generative AI tools like Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, and we can develop high quality prototypes often within minutes instead of what previously required hours or even days

This enables us to rapidly kill ideas that don’t stand a chance, pivot ideas that need to be adjusted or persevere with ideas that show the most promise

How do we de-risk key strategic innovation projects?

De-risk decision-making, and increase your innovation confidence, with real in-market feedback in days (from digital testing), instead of months.
Through testing your concept in the market and conducting a variety of different experiments, we lower the risk and gain insight into commercial viability. These experiments vary throughout the process so we aren’t just relying on one method to make all our key decisions whether qual vs quant or behaved vs claimed

This creates a data-driven business case to increase budgets as hypotheses are validated.

Data-based recommendation set
Sample validation screens

Key outcomes

Work with consumers in real life to validate everything from concept features, business case and product-market fit. We capitalize on an array of design and validation techniques to generate tangible results.

Tested behavior, not attitudes

We measure what people do, not what they say. 

We don’t ask, we observe.

We make decisions based on real-world testing and real-time market data.

Recommendations backed by real-world data

We provide data-driven recommendations to optimize concepts, archetypes, and journeys. We prioritize opportunity areas for further exploration and develop a business case for your solution.

We leverage both qual (deep and rich insights) and quant (robust and representative) methodologies.

(in)Validated key assumptions and user journey

We ensure solutions are desirable, viable, and feasible by mapping the most critical assumptions to the solution, and (in)validate those based on digital & physical experimentation.

Our work in market validation

Check out some of the work we’ve done 

Working with Nestlé to validate the launch of a new line of affordable, healthy foods.

Working with Ferring to improve access to fertility services.

Developing GAF’s new products for better, more affordable home construction.

De-risking new concepts for the next generation of appliances

Designing in-market experiments in multiple markets, languages, and brands to validate the next concepts in refrigeration and dishwasher machines.

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