We imagine
tomorrow's products, services and businesses
- and create them today.

Pioneer Autonomous Innovation

Unlock the power of AI to fuel your innovation process. Experience the power of Human + Machine.

We help companies to leverage the full potential of AI for innovation by imagining their future engine for launching new products and services – and begin creating it today.

Develop your strategy for the future role of AI in innovation – to develop an always-on innovation engine that imagines, creates and launches new products and services with unprecedented quality, speed and success.

Elevate your products and services by incorporating AI and Generative AI to delight customers, leapfrog competitors, and redefine industry standards.

Combine the power of human + machine intellect to look broader, dive deeper, and accelerate product innovation. Learn along the way to supercharge your organization, people and processes with creative AI in this 3 month AI-powered innovation project.


Make bigger moves

Build strong growth and innovation strategies to develop sustainable competitive advantage and capitalize on shifting market trends.

Growth strategy

Uncover new market opportunities and define new pathways to establish sustainable growth. We identify the most significant moves for your business, brand and portfolio.

Crafting your innovation strategy by zeroing in on battles you can win. We help you establish what innovation is to you so that you can succeed today and in the future.

Leverage the collective knowledge, power, and experience of a diverse group of partners to accelerate innovation, reduce risk, and drive growth with open innovation.

Nestle food and beverage innovation


Design better experiences

Lead with empathy to identify customer motivations and triggers, and develop compelling products and experiences that drive brand loyalty.

Design new products and services that people love. Leading with empathy and a user-centric design approach, we delve into your user’s needs and motivations, transforming insights into impactful products. 

De-risking decision making with rapid validation. Test and validate your ideas with real consumers and gain behavioral insights in context through experimentation to maximize  learning while minimizing risk.

Reimagine your business model or product to make it fit for the circular economy – minimize your impact on the natural environment, while creating renewable value for your customers


Launch new businesses

Build new products and business lines. Successfully launch and scale them in the market. Challenge, transform and build to establish sustainable competitive advantage.

Challenge the status quo, reimagine the future, and create competitive advantage to ensure your business doesn’t just adapt but leads in your dynamic business ecosystem. 

Transform your ideas into market-ready successes. Turn challenges into opportunities and elevate your products and services so they exceed customer expectations from the start.

Building, incubating and launching new products, businesses and services – rapidly de-risking with AI-powered validation and insights.

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