Intermediary platforms.

01. Research & development platforms

Innocentive – open innovation problem solving

IdeaConnection – idea marketplace and problem-solving – IP market place

PRESANS (beta) – connect and solve R&D problems

Hypios – online problem solving

Innoget – research intermediary platform

One Billion Minds – online (social) challenges

NineSigma – technology problem solving

Ideaken – collaborative crowdsourcing – Community of innovators & creators.

02. Marketing, design & idea platforms

CMNTY Corporation – community co-creation

Innovation Exchange – open innovation market place

Guerra Creativa – crowdsourcing anything creative

Brand Tags – tagging brands

Battle of concepts – student challenges

crowdSPRING – creative designs

LeadVine – crowdsourcing lead generation

Viima – idea management software

Yambla – idea management software

99designs – pioneer in design crowdsourcing

Edge Amsterdam – elite sourcing platform

OpenIDEO – collaborative design platform – crowdsourcing for government problems

eYeka – the co-creation community

Spigit – social innovation platform

Zooppa – Branding/marketing platform

03. Collective intelligence & prediction platforms

Lumenogic – collective intelligence markets

Ushahidi – crowdsourcing crisis information

Kaggle – data mining and forecasting

Google Image Labeler – crowdsourced image labeling

04. HR & freelancers platforms

TopCoder – competition-based software crowdsourcing

Spudaroo – crowdsourcing copywriting

Clickworker – small online task solving

Amazon Mechanical Turk – low-cost crowdsourcing

05. Open innovation software

Imaginatik – collective intelligence software

Venture Spirit – gamification platform

Wellspring Worldwide– open innovation software

06. Intermediary open innovation services

Big Idea Group – organize innovation contests and idea hunts

Pharmalicensing – open innovation for the life sciences

Chaordix – crowdsourcing engine for innovation

DataStation – complete innovation platform

Peer production & p2p

Funding Circle – p2p lending

Linux – open source software

Wikipedia – peer produced encyclopedia

Yahoo Answers – crowdsourced Q&A

Creative co-creation

Spreadshirt – shirt community

Threadless – create and sell your t-shirts

cafepress – shop, create or sell what’s on your mind

zazzle – create and sell products

CreateMyTattoo – crowdsourced tattoo design

Artistshare – fans funding new artists

Quirky – community product development

jovoto – co-creation & mass collaboration

Mookum– co-creating lifestyle & interior products

Userfarm – co-creating platform for Video makers

Corporate initiatives

01. Product ideas crowdsourcing

BMW Customer Innovation Lab – in german

InnovationJam* – IBM’s idea generation project

Dell IdeaStorm – external idea sourcing

My Startbucks Idea – shaping the future of Starbucks

Connect + Develop – Innovation platform by P&G

02. Branding & design crowdsourcing

Peugeot – Peugeot’s design contest

Fluevog – open shoe design

BurdaStyle – open source sewing

Corporate initiatives

iBridge Network – platform for university innovation

Science Commons– generic license agreements

Picnic Green Challenge – ideas to save the planet

Fold it – solve puzzles for science

Galaxy Zoo – discovering the universe